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Become a Climate Workers Member! (or Ally)

Join us in building a worker-led labor movement for climate justice.

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Become a Climate Workers Member! (or Ally)

Climate Workers is building a worker-led labor movement for climate justice.

We are workers - union and non-union; public and private sector; indigenous, immigrant, and U.S.-born. Some of the unions and organizations that we belong to actively support climate justice, others do not ( yet! ).

Climate Workers is our space, our political home, to begin to reclaim our labor - insisting that our work restore, not destroy, the planet we live on and the communities we live in.

Through multilingual popular education, Climate Workers connects the lived experiences of thousands of workers with the roots, scale, and urgency of the climate crisis. As workers, we engage in hands-on projects to foster climate resilience; work with our local and national unions taking bold, public stands against dirty energy; and lead campaigns for a just transition away from extraction and toward good jobs in industries that heal the planet. Join us!

Membership in Climate Workers is open to all individuals who are:

  • union members or union staff.
  • non-union workers actively building power in their workplace or industry.
  • members of other labor organizations.

Membership is $10 per month.

General membership meetings will be held twice yearly and volunteer activist trainings will be held bi-monthly. Climate Workers members are eligible for a range of exciting benefits and discounts on local services, products, and courses.

If you do not meet the membership criteria above, we would still welcome your support in the form of monthly ally contributions (select "Climate Workers ally" from the dropdown list).

Sign up TODAY to become a Climate Workers member! Membership is $10/month, so please select $10 (or more!) and MONTHLY donation above.

For more info, contact Climate Workers staff, Brooke Anderson at brooke at Climate Workers is a project of Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project.